General Anesthesia

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What are the 5 basic reasons for someone to require general anesthesia?
1. Analgesia- loss of response to pain
2. Amnesia- loss of memory
3. Immobility- loss of muscle reflexes
4. Unconsciousness- loss of consciousness
5. Skeletal muscle relaxation
How are these 5 goals achieved? On the day of surgery, your anesthesia provider will discuss your anesthetic plan with you. An IV will be started. Anesthesia consent will be signed. You will speak with your surgeon then sedation medicine will be given. You will be taken to the OR and standard monitors will be applied. Medicine will be given through your IV to put you to sleep. A breathing device will be placed to protect your airway. You will be monitored during the entire case. Medicine for pain and nausea will be given. When the surgery is over we will remove the breathing device and wake you up. You will be taken to the recovery room.

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