Pediatric Anesthesia

Anesthesia For Your Child.


What if my child if very nervous? This is a common thing for children having surgery and Texan Anesthesiologists are very sensitive towards this matter. After the anesthesia plan is explained to the parents then we will give your child oral sedation medicine.
Will an IV be placed while my child is awake? Your anesthesia provider will make the decision if an IV has to be started in the preop area based on the complexity of the surgery and if your child has any other medical problems. Most times an IV can be placed after your child is asleep.
Where does my child go after surgery? After surgery, your child will go to the recovery area. They will spend about 30 mins there. Please don’t be alarmed if you come in and your child is crying. Children will usually cry because of all the strangers around them. They usually calm right down once they see their parents.

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