OB Anesthesia

Anesthesia For Delivery Of Your Baby

Congratulations on your special day!

What is an epidural? An Epidural is the most popular way to reduce the pain experienced during childbirth. The epidural blocks the pain signals coming from the belly button down.
How is an epidural placed? When you come to a facility serviced by Texans Anesthesia you will have your epidural placed by one of our Anesthesiologists. 1. We will get your consent for the procedure. 2. You will be placed in the sitting position. 3. Your back will be cleaned with chloroprene to kill any bacteria. 4. You will be asked to arch your back in the form of a “mad cat”. 5. Local anesthetic will be given to numb the back. 6. An epidural needle will be placed and you will feel a pressure sensation as the needle is advanced. 7. A “loss of resistance” is felt and that lets the Anesthesiologist know that they are in the right place. 8. A catheter (small tube) is left in the epidural space and the epidural needle is removed. 9. The catheter is attached to an epidural pump, a rate is set, and you will notice a significant decrease in the pain.
You can now sit back, relax, and enjoy childbirth with your friends and family.

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